Who we are

We are a global leader in the sourcing, handling, processing and marketing of agricultural commodities and products.

With operations in more than 37 countries and a workforce of over 18 000 people, we create value for producers at origin and customers at destination. Our business covers the whole supply chain from the farm gate to the customer.

We source commodities such as grains, oilseeds, pulses, rice, sugar and cotton from producers.

Using our network of storage facilities, processing plants and transport assets we process, manage and supply these commodities and products to our customers around the world. Our customers include the processing industry (food, animal feed and consumer products), local importers and distributors and governments.

Through our industry insight, strong relationships and network of assets, we focus on the sustainability, safety, quality and reliability of everything we do.

The Viterra Group in Hungary

Viterra has been present in Hungary since 1996. The two main branches of our activities are the marketing of grains, oilseeds, and animal feed and the production of vegetable oils. The company acquired large capacity storage facilities in 2010 (Debrecen) and 2011 (Berettyóújfalu) and expanded its logistic infrastructure. In 2009, we started the construction of our oilseed crush plant, which is the most modern oilseed-processing plant in Central Europe. Its ceremonial opening took place in 2013.


The Hungarian trade network of Viterra continuously expands its business relationships nationwide and seeks new opportunities to purchase agricultural products. Our professional and trading experience offers efficient and reliable support to Hungarian agricultural producers.

Our field representatives


The marketing operations of Viterra Hungary provide a reliable framework for the activities of Hungarian producers and farmers. With Viterra, the crops of Hungarian producers can appear on the global market and reach remote parts of the world. The by-products of our vegetable oil production operations, meal and husk, are also put to good use: we sell meal for animal feed and use husk to generate renewable energy.

Please reach out to us for up-to-date information on purchases and sales through one of the below contacts.

Our values

Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the way we conduct ourselves, wherever we work and whatever our role.

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