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Processing and refining

Oilseed crush plant

By burning the removed sunflower husk the Plant generates steam. The ash produced by the burning process is utilized in agriculture. Part of the husk from production is pelletised at the Pelletising Unit. Unused husk is sold. Due to its low specific gravity, transportation of husk by road or rail is uneconomical. Pelletising increases the specific gravity of husk fivefold, making its transport economical either by road or rail.

The capacity of the Plant allows Hungary-produced oilseed to be processed at home. Thus the raw material does not have to be shipped abroad and the end product brought back for either household or industrial use. The Plant is in continuous (three shift) operation. The Foktő Plant has ISCC EU and ISCC DE (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) as well as Kosher certification. We are committed to produce goods and provide services that guarantee the safety of people, animals and the environment. To that end we ensure that suppliers of these goods and services comply with laws, standards, and other rules and regulations. We comply with conduct requirements at all times.

The quality control policy we apply to the trade of feeds and food raw materials reflects the approach “from the farm to the factory”. In line with the role of our feed products and food raw materials in the food chain, our quality control focuses on safely satisfying the needs of end users/human consumers in all respects. The fundamental role of our quality system is the prevention of undesirable incidents and the mitigation of the impact of such incidents on consumers and all others in the production chain, including subcontractors. In order to ensure the accomplishment of those goals, we operate a GMP+ FSA (Good Manufacturing Practice, Feed Safety Assurance) certified feed safety system.

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